Learning Mandarin is no doubt hard for some of you. Here are some useful tips to help you to learn Mandarin easier:

  1.  Always review the lesson / vocab lists before the class;
  2. If time allowed, be prepared for the next lesson;
  3. Everyday spent 10 minutes only to memorise some of the vocabs or sentence structures taught in previous lesson;
  4. Use Quizlet to help you to enhance your listening skills and also enhance your memory on those vocabularies that you have learned earlier;
  5. Dare to try to speak out in Mandarin in the class, as the more you try the more you learned;
  6. Allow yourself to make mistake, but must learn from your mistake;
  7. Pay ATTENTION  in  the  class.

Language needs practice, practice and practice. So, don’t give up easily, I will always be there to help you 🙂

Tips to learn Mandarin

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