1. Chinese Characters – If you are interested to learn more about the Chinese Characters, please try below link, it would help you not only how to write the Chinese characters properly but also guide you on to pronounce them: Written Chinese or Skritter (updated on 6 Mar 2017)
  2. Chinese Dictionary — Don’t know where to check the unknown Chinese characters? Here’s a tip, download this Pleco software into your smart phone, and it would help to answer any question of the Chinese characters that you have in mind — PLECO
  3. Pinyin Practice – If you are interested in polishing your Chinese pronunciation, please go to this website to do some practice – Pinyin Practice OR you may try this Pinyin Practice 2 or Pinpin Chinese (updated on 6 March 2017)
  4. Free online course in learning Mandarin – Coursera : Free Online Chinese Course. If you do not have an account of this create one and start learning for free 🙂
  5. Try and download this Free Mandarin Textbook & Audio CD to help you along to learn Mandarin.
  6. Pinyin and Writing Practice
  7. Chinese Grammar – Learn more about Chinese grammar through this website would definitely enhance your Chinese grammar knowledge.
  8. HSK Academy – If you interested to take the HSK examination, here’s the website to guide you on the vocabulary for each level.
  9. Learning Chinese by Watching Chinese Movies – this will not only help you on recalling and expanding your Mandarin vocabulary bank but will also guide you on how to carry out what you have learnt in class into daily life.
  10. Learning Chinese by using songs – this will make your learning more fun and interesting 🙂
  11. Other online learning websites:

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